🦷  My Shiny Teeth & Me: My Simple Aligners Journey Begins 🦷 

She had braces. She wore her retainer religiously through high school, even brought it with her to college. It broke and was never replaced, and thus, my teeth have migrated. 

I was so excited when Simple Aligners reached out to me because they were EXACTLY what I had been looking for.

I had recently watched Tiffany Ferg’s brilliant internet analysis vid “good teeth are a luxury only the rich can afford” and had become familiar with alternative treatments – direct ‘clubs’ that have no doctor or dentist supervision and can straighten your teeth but mess up your bite (imagine “teeth clacking”),

I was hyper aware of all that could go wrong. That’s why I’m SO glad that their company works DIRECTLY WITH LOCAL DENTISTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY. You go in for a few visits for your dentist to oversee the progress (covered by insurance) but otherwise, you receive 10 retainers through the mail over your treatment period, easy as that

You can use CODE: CORABEAN for 10% off your ENTIRE treatment!

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