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Confession: I have edited my pictures on social media for as long as I’ve HAD social media. I don’t change a lot, at all. Really the only thing I change is the texture of my skin.

I started this when I was only 15, when I first started on Facebook. There was this app called Picasa via Google that I used to airbrush away my acne. I didn’t have much of it at all – it just made me feel better looking back on the pictures.

This became painful when there became a larger gap between picture me and real life me. It wasn’t even intentional. Stress had caused my once “I don’t even need photoshop lol” face into

And you can view how I cover that up here. This was the worst of it all, when my hair was bright purple and my husband was in the midst of all his chemo treatments. I was wearing the stress on my face.

But did it make me dishonest when it came to showcasing my using the products in pictures? The UK says so.

So, enough of that. At least for makeup products. If I’m showcasing something else, who cares what my face looks like. But you deserve to see the real results of the real products. Real life is messy, it has fallout and pores. This is the youngest and freshest my skin will look in photos the rest of my life so I best embrace it while I’ve got it!

So alas: my latest makeup product sponsor! Sans photo editing!

Mynena Shanie Marie Luxurious Pro Eyeshadow Palette & Mynena Lux Liquid Lipstick in Alex (unavailable – but other colors of the formula are still available!)

To start off: yes, they sent these to me for free. But no, they didn’t pay me to say good things. And they didn’t even tell me to make this blog post.

I’m making it bc I wanna say, get this eyeshadow palette. If even a single color speaks to you – and it’s got great basics in there. It’s $20. Cruelty free, Vegan, and supports a small business based in Puerto Rico. There are immediately 2 gorgeous highlight shades – reminiscent of my Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer and Becca’s Champagne Pop. A little bright white to tap on a little extra glam. A stunning metallic gold that I’ve swept over my eyelid here. Super pigmented, and very buttery – not at all a pan of fallout that smokes off your brush every time you try to get some pigment. They have some GREAT colors to play with – the burgundy and orange can create a great rusty look, or paired with the gold you could go for a sunset vibe. Then the blue! I wore it as “eyeliner” in this Insta ad

Now, the lippie? That is totally personal preference. It’s a lippie. Take it or leave it. You can’t get this color but the formula is great. But to bring your cart up to $35 for that free shipping? Why the hell not. Treat yourself baby, it’s stimulus time.

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