Declutter Step 5: ThreadUp

I’m behind on this series but gimme a break I moved across the country.

I ordered 2 bags on ThreadUp for free. A “sell” bag, and a “donate” bag. I knew for sure that I had some items that were absolutely not worth anyone’s time. Worn, holes, out of style, stained. But they can still take those and donate to a charity in your name! They also send you back some tax credit stuff, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Y’all these bags hold a lot. I still ended up ordering a second donate bag.

I let these bags sit for about two weeks, crowding my bedroom. If I needed something I didn’t have in my closet, I could remorsefully go back into the bags and take it back. That whole time? I didn’t. Not once. These items weren’t for me anymore. I had transcended this closet.

And! People actually snatched up my items. ThreadUp listed them all for me and I was dying over the names.

“Assorted Brands Kimono”
“Unbranded Bodysuit”
“Ann Taylor Sweatshirt” (this sweatshirt was from American Eagle)

Is this how we’re describing my past wardrobe now?

They also say on the site that it’s not supposed to be more than 2 years out of fashion. And like…I didn’t put anything in that was horribly OUT of fashion but…that “American Eagle Outfitters Pullover Hoodie” was a hand-me-down from my stepmom, that she gave me circa 2007…dunno how old that makes that, but it ain’t 2 years hun. But vintage!! Hope someone is enjoying that branded purple throwback. And if they don’t approve of it, they’ll donate it and not sell it. So it’s no loss in trying, but try not to send them a true monstrosity. That hoodie was vintage and in primo condition despite its age – no fraying and no signs of wear (tbh neither my stepmom or I ever wore it). I’m not saying clog their warehouse so they have to sort through all your crap. But if you think someone might buy it and the condition is something YOU would be happy getting in the mail, try it.

Still, my ratio was 2 donate bags, and 1 sell bag. More of what you get rid of you know isn’t gonna be worth it to anyone. They can still turn it into blankets, pillows, or beds for shelter animals.

All in all I made….$12.15.

Ehhhhh, whatever, I’ll take it. Dropping off at the post office was just as easy as dropping at Goodwill. I know the shelter that my donation bags are going to, I chose them. And my clothes are finding a home where they’ll get real use. I’m happy with it.

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