Declutter Step 3: Decluttr

Not only do I have a ton of stuff to sort through, but my poor mother’s house is filled with junk from my childhood. Prom dresses, VHS tapes, dance costumes, boxes of toys. I’ve always felt guilty that it’s all just sitting there, waiting to be remembered. Something has to be done about it eventually.

Since I had some luck dumping my records for $25 and my broken tech devices for $60, I offered to help my mom out with DVDs, CDs, and books from her own collection as that was the next step in mine. I knew she wanted to get rid of some stuff, and on my way to band practice on Sunday I picked up three overflowing boxes of her unwanted media.

I want to shout out that NONE of these services I’m mentioning in this series have sponsored me. This is 100% my own experience trying to dump all my crap on someone else for cash. Are there better services offering more money for your old junk? Maybe, but this was what I found in my research, this is what I used, this is my experience.

I went through my mom’s boxes and picked out things I didn’t have the heart to get rid of myself without allowing myself much. For example – of the 40 or so DVDs, I kept 5. The few I kept were movies hard to find on streaming services, had memories attached, or were collectors editions in genuinely good condition. I also went through the books and chose a few at a similar ratio.

This week, I started with the app Decluttr. I had dreaded how long this would take – but with the ease of the app and the barcode scanner, I had scanned and submitted everything within a half an hour. Out of approximately 200 DVDs/CDs/Books, they were accepting 96 of them. What would have been $0 for donating to Goodwill, I made $30. Could I have made more through eBay? Probably. But the time saved is money to me – I didn’t want to dedicate months to this part of my clean-out project.

Here’s all the stuff they took.

I’ve officially made $115 from all of my junk – what are you doing letting yours lay around?

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