Declutter Step 2: My Records

Guys, I had accumulated 56 records. In FOUR YEARS.

If you wanted to see what my record collection looked like 3 years ago, click here.

Records do bring me joy. I listen to records maybe once a week.

I COULD listen to a different record every week for 13 months?

But I certainly am not going to. I always reach for the same 3 or so.

So, here’s what I did.

I went through my collection and picked out the ones I literally had not touched in 3 years, the ones I was only “meh” about owning, all of the ones that did not spark joy.

That ended up being half.

And I sold them.

I made an appointment and brought them to Stereo Jack’s, in business since 1982, a mom & pop type shop in Harvard Square. They gave me cash, and I left happy knowing that these records will go to homes that will cherish them and play them frequently and that the shop will make more than I did from them so they can continue their business of bringing joy to others.

Please don’t tell John’s mom.

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