Aloha lā

And, for those non Hawaiians…Hello sun!

The biggest thing recommended for younger clearer skin, by far, is sunscreen.

You need sunscreen.

My pasty white self, especially, needs sunscreen.

I was pumped to put Hawaiian Tropic’s new Antioxidant + lotion in my bag. Its creamy formula moisturizes your skin while protecting with a 30 SPF. The scent is warm and coconutty, without the distinct sunscreen aroma. It is lovely, easy to apply, and the bottle appears neverending. I would give it a shining recommendation…35659941_10155605880778441_2747452122114031616_o

…but unfortunately, Hawaiian Tropic boasts a required by law animal testing stance. That makes me sad. Otherwise, I’d be recommending it with no hesitation.

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