Celebrity Big Brother Style Knock-off

I’ve wanted to try something like this ever since seeing Brandi Glanville wear hers around the Celebrity Big Brother house, and I’m not the only one.

She confirmed herself that she uses the $6 Bella Simplace gold eye mask patches, but I couldn’t find that online, and that was back in 2014. So she very well may be using another product by this time. And it’s confirmed, she is. She’s using the Peter Thomas Roth ones, overpriced to hell. So what options do we simple broke-ass folk have?

Wink and a Kiss FlashPatch 5 Minute Hydrogels

The package I was sent comes with two of each – two lip gels and two sets of eye gels.

The eye gels are life. They completely wake up my tired undereyes and my skin truly feels rejuvenated afterwards. You can wear them in three ways – the way I currently am (known as “the dollface”) with the rounded side in to target undereye bags, “the scarecrow” with the skinny side in to target crow’s feet, or “the minotaur” over the eyes to target upper-eyelid puff. There are other similar products available (Burt’s Bees has them at your local drugstore, for example), but this was my first try at undereye gels. I loved every second of them – ESPECIALLY since you can wear them with a full face of makeup as a mid-day or pre-party refresh. They recommend wearing them for 5 minutes during makeup application, gossip time with your besties, while blowdrying, getting ready for bed…but I totally wore them more than 5 minutes. They feel SO GOOD, this nice cooling sensation that lasts long after your remove them. These are a bit costly – $50 for a 30 pair jar. If you’re just interested in testing them out, there is a 5 pack for $15, or the $10 duo I have which will give you two of them. I’ll get to why I don’t recommend that option in a second but first, look at me Glam-ville-in’ it up in these patches.

And! My makeup didn’t budge an inch. 5 stars for these.

So…the lip gels. These are so annoying. The results are iffy. I don’t know if it does much more than chapstick. My lips didn’t feel rejuvinated really, it is definitely not the best higher-end rejuvenating lip product I’ve used (fresh’s sugar lip serum is) It didn’t fit my mouth. It was annoying to wear (you can’t talk, open your mouth to breathe), it tore when I tried to wear it correctly. I don’t think I ever made the full 5 minutes with them. Here is a kinda-shitty blurry picture of me attempting to wear them. img_3968-1

For $50 for a 24-pack, or $15 for 5…I don’t know guys. Just buy some chapstick.

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