Origins Clear Improvement™ (Origins, $27)

It’s a mud mask.

There’s other ones. They cost less.

My skin doesn’t love them, they dry me out. But I’m breaking out right now so this sample came at a great time. My skin does not appear to have hated it. It as very smooth, easy to apply, easier to remove than other charcoal masks I’ve used and reviewed previously.

I have an Origins store on the same block as my office so I popped by on lunch for a free facial, and mentioned that I had this product at home. They recommended some other products but indicated this was meant for oily skin (while mine is usually rather dry). So…definitely a blessing in disguise that my skin decided to freak out and get oily/acne-ridden right as it came time to review it. That’s how I’m going to choose to see it because otherwise, I’m just avoiding mirrors and wallowing in my unusually unkempt appearance. I actually really do like what their products do, and how well they are outlined for different skin types.

I definitely recommend Origin products, though I am so totally neutral on this mask that I would not notice if you replaced it with a different one unless that different one sucked. I don’t want to rate it with my usual system, because a non-rave/neutral review would probably be like, 2.5/5, and that seems like a poor review. Use it if you have oily skin, and feel like using Origins products. Better yet, go to an Origins location and be matched for things that will better match your skin – they have an outstanding selection of products.

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