The Only Kind of Hair on Sasha Velour’s Head


All hail the reigning Queen. Since her eyebrows are drawn, obviously I’m talking about…

Let it be known – I have been battling with false lashes since I was in elementary school. I was a competition dancer, and it was a performance day battle for my mom to get those eyelashes onto my delicate baby eyelids. I was fidgeting, the falsies themselves were too long, and the glue spewed everywhere.

Enter Velour.

Velour Lashes Lash Adhesive White Latex-Free 0.5 oz (Sephora, $12)


This is your friend. At $12, it’s a very reasonable price point, mirroring Duo’s famous lash glue at around $8. But the packaging is fantastic – instead of a tube that sprays lash glue everywhere but on the lashes, this comes with a delicate paintbrush for the easiest application you’ll ever have. I have fought with many a lash glue in my day, and I have waited for the day packaging like this would arrive. It has. Velour did it for us. Though they have mink lashes in their line, they market themselves as a cruelty-free brand (using mink…not cruelty-free), so the verdict is unknown there. But price wise, for such a user-friendly product, this can’t be beat. I personally prefer black lash glue, as clear doesn’t dry “clear”, it looks like dried glue…but with the precision this application gives, it’s slightly less of a concern. And this comes out of the tube in almost an ultraviolet blue, easy to see and work with, eventually drying clear. 5/5 stars, go buy it, highly recommend.

Velour Lashes Effortless Lash Collection Barely There (Sephora, $26)velour-lashes-effortless-lash-collection-short-and-sweet.jpg

These…are lashes. And they cost almost $30. You can get lashes under $10.

But! They are really good lashes. They are not flimsy, they hold their shape very well, but still maintain flexibility for easy application. They are already cut, intended for the outer corner of the eye – the look I prefer anyway – so they come ready-to-go in pristine well-labelled reusable packaging. These are sturdy. Sometimes on competition days, girls would take off their lashes and throw them on the floor at the end of the show, because they were gross and irresponsible children but also because the lashes couldn’t be reused. These can be reused. When using the velour lash glue, you don’t have mountains of lash glue from earlier application attempts on the base of the lashes. The sturdy structure of the lash allows them to be reused, possibly saving you money on additional cheap lashes.

All in all, I’d give them a 4/5, only deducting for the price point. I would absolutely use these again, and perhaps keep them in mind for a special occasion. After all, I’m not an everyday falsies kind of girl.

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