I smell like HOPE

hope: the uplifting fragrance (Hope, $115)

An inspiring new scent where 100% of net profits go to fight depression

Audrey Gruss, founder of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF), named for Audrey Gruss’ mother Hope who struggled with depression, created this fragrance with master perfumer Honorine Blanc of Firmenich to help uplift the senses. It is 100% charitable – all of the net profits from the sale of each Hope product go directly to depression research at HDRF.


Inspired by Gruss’ mother Hope who loved white flowers, Hope fragrance is infused with pure, fresh notes of lily of the valley, tuberose, jasmine, gardenia and a special verdant note.

I truly love a product that goes towards a good cause. The scent is truly lovely, heavily relying on the gardenia. I’ve used scents before that are similar, so I’m not sure the formulation is all that unique…but with Kim Kardashian releasing a crystal gardenia scent, it is certainly in style (Kim K’s retails at just $35). I also don’t know whether the brand is cruelty-free (most perfumes are not). At the price of a bottle, I would not repurchase – that’s nearly Chanel prices. I wish that this was at a more attainable price (like a celebrity fragrance) – I feel that would bring in more revenue for the cause.

All in all, a great scent, a good cause. I’d give it a 3.5/5.

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