What gives a girl power and punch? Is it charm, is it poise? No, it’s…

My tried and true tricks to get free products to test out in the mail have benefitted me yet again. I was recently sent L’Oréal Paris Ellnett Satin hairspray for dry, damaged hair – NEW with previous argan oil. It is humidity resistant, extra strong hold, and claims to disappear at the stroke of a brush.

Now, let me throw in this disclaimer before I get into it.

I don’t use hairspray.

That wasn’t always the case. In fact, I’m sure I put a large hole in the ozone directly above southern New Hampshire where I grew up. With dance competitions, dance recitals, 40+ community theatre productions…hairspray was a must. I’ve used so many brands. There often wasn’t a noticeable difference between them unless the product truly sucked – some were sticky to the touch, some turned my ballet bun into a helmet, some were a true World War 3 with my hairbrush at the end of the night. I also did awful, awful things to my hair – I would frequently use hairspray before the curling iron, to the point my curling iron was covered in a sticky burnt-brown glaze. I still cringe thinking about that.

I stopped using regular hairspray around maybe 2011 when Michelle Phan told me that it was filled with drying alcohol and the aerosol was not good for hair. Instead, I turned to Pantene’s Fine Hair Non-Aeresol hairspray for the next year or so of theatre and nights out which required hairspray. By 2014, I had given up hairspray entirely. Then I went through a pixie cut phase (which required minimal hair product – usually mousse and a little leave-in conditioner), now I am bleached blonde, and I’ve brought you up to current day.

My current hair only remains on my head because of the glory that is Olaplex (a bond multiplier that helps reduce damage from bleach). Despite my best efforts, my naturally fine hair is very dry because of all of the color processing. I skip washes (but not showers – I’ll usually only use conditioner), I use leave-in conditioners and smoothing serums, and I let my hair air dry nearly every day. I almost never apply heat products to it anymore. And I never, ever apply hairspray.

While my current routine is great for the health of my damaged hair, it comes from a strong paranoia that came from my previously SUPER damaged hair falling out (traumatizing) resulting in my pixie cut. I love pixies on other girls, but my show pony self never felt truly “me” with one. I like having hair to play with. I like fancy updos and flowing mermaid locks.

I was nervous going in, but hair is so finicky. You’ll get advice to avoid heat on hair, but then you’ll hear that wet hair is the most easily damaged; It’s technically best to blow dry your hair on a cool setting after it’s about halfway dry. I just don’t have time for that and am not super jazzed to shoot cold air at my head first thing in the morning. You’ll get advice from Youtube gurus to avoid hairspray, but then your hairstylist uses it on her great hair every day, Dolly Parton likely never went a day without it, people use it all the time and their hair appears intact. There is no exact method that will prevent damage to your hair – it just happens.

I’ve gone on enough. Let’s get to the product.

L’Oreal Paris Hair Care Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray, 11 Ounce
Retail: $12.99

I used it. It’s hairspray. It appears to be unscented but still scented like hairspray. It isn’t sticky to the touch, and it was indeed easy to brush through my hair. At first application, I held it a little too close to the side of my head so I would certainly recommend not doing that so the product can get a more even distribution. My hair did stay put. It looked good. It appeared to wash out just fine.

Overall, it is a hairspray. It didn’t do anything great. I could not tell that there was any argan oil in the formula, but I believe them. Maybe that helps to mitigate some of the damage. Who knows. I do appreciate the update in the formula if it is truly helping me avoid another pixie.

If I had to purchase hairspray, I might pick this one. Why not? Elnett is a classic hairspray. It’s been out since 1960, and was the first to boast fine polymers that could be brushed out. I felt like a Hollywood starlet in days of old while spraying it on. So, I did get my show pony out of it.

My biggest complaint? L’OréalSTOP TESTING ON ANIMALS. For that reason, I’m not going to purchase this on my own. I ain’t gonna tell you how to live though.

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