Shiny Blue Mean Mug

Back at it again – another product to review. I was sent these products for free for testing purposes in exchange for my honest review.

Since this is a skincare product, I’ve given myself 2 weeks of use before coming here to review. I wanted to make sure I had a full idea of how my skin was reacting.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 2.46.02 PM

Component 1: Pure Clay Cleanser for Daily Detox: Detox & Brighten Charcoal
Retail: ~$6.99

I have to admit that I’ve been groomed to believe that the higher the price, the higher the quality of the product. This is not the case here. This product is just as good as any from Sephora that I have tested for a similar time period. As is the case with any new skin product, it does require a little time for your skin to adjust but that is to be expected. My skin appears to love it and I have not experienced any breakouts or irritation, nor any additional dry skin. Since I have very dry skin, I am always worried that a cleanser will strip my skin of all moisture. The clay-to-mousse is a unique texture that helps to remove everyday impurities with 3 pure clays and charcoal – it does exactly that. The only downside is L’Oreal’s notorious past that confirms this product is not cruelty-free.

Component 2: Pure Clay Mask for Weekly Detox: Clear & Comfort Seaweed
Retail: ~$12.99

I don’t love all face masks. Some leave my dry skin feeling so dry and overexerted. I was worried that this, marketed as a clay mask, would cause this same reaction. What I did not realize was that while this is part of the “pure clay mask” collection, this is NOT a charcoal mask (there is one in the collection!) – it is a seaweed-based mask. It is a shimmery navy blue clay mask. It relaxed my skin without stripping it of all of the oils. I’ve used the mask twice now and intend to use it for a third time after posting this review. I only wish it were cruelty-free.

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