💦💦 Brita Stream 💦💦

I’ve teamed up with Brita GmbH to review their new Brita Stream.

(No, I have not been compensated for this, nor is there commission. They have just sent me the product in exchange for an honest review. I fully believe that so-called ‘influencers’ need to disclose👏 their 👏 affiliations👏.)

If you’ve been following me, you would know this kind of product is right up my alley. I believe that we all need to make more conscious decisions to help our planet. Plastic bottles quickly crowd landfills, yet many will drink multiple bottles a day.  The price also isn’t “free”, so it can add up – $5 a week on water is $260 a year on something that could have been more or less free. I have my Camelbak Eddy waterbottle (side note – love it), and I am often refilling it publicly.

But public water often tastes weird. Conspiracy theorists may have you believe that the government is putting too much fluoride in it in order to spike our seratonin levels. Sometimes, it comes out of the sink with an orangey tint due to too much copper. When was the last time you looked at the inside of your pipes?

And, this seems a perfect time to remind you all that Flint still does not have clean drinking water. Just a side note there.

However, I doubt that you need that much convincing to use a Brita filter. Filtered water is bomb. My first ever college roommate made sure we had one, even though it took up a majority of our shared mini fridge. And believe me, we used it. When I lived in an apartment of 5, we had 2, so one could refill as the other was being used.

That’s just the thing with the original Brita design. You had to wait for your water to filter. You would put it in the top portion, and over the next forever, wait for it to slowly drip down into the base of the filter. This design also took up like, half of the container. Half so you could fill and filter the water, and half to house said filtered water. So the original Brita was only ever “half full.” 🚰


This design is immediately more appealing. Mine came in this adorable teal color. The chamber allows for so much more water. AND IT FILTERS AS YOU POUR. AND TELLS YOU WHEN TO REPLACE THE FILTER.


The top also has an opening so you can refill it without having to remove the entire top. Just pop it open, refill, and pour immediately.

Yeah. Water is water. It’s going to be watery. No matter what, it will taste like water.

But if you’re into filtered water, I’d recommend this. Why not?

Drink up!

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