With the new Influenster campaign underway, I’ve been paired with Maybelline New York to review their two newest products (available at drugstores now).

We have the Colossal Big Shot Volum’Express Hydrofuge Mascara in Very Black Waterproof and the Master Precise Curvy Liquid Liner in 310 Black (Not waterproof)

First Impressions

Mascara – I adore the packaging. The flashy gold with the royal purple just screams luxury despite knowing this isn’t a luxury product. I’ve previous used the original Colossal product in high school, and back then it was my go-to when I was onstage. I loved the hold of the original formula, how it would hold the natural curl of my lashes and clump into believable beautiful volume. I’m also excited to get the waterproof formula, because, as I’m in New England, I’m preparing for a wet winter.

Divvets in the mascara wand help ensure you don’t take out too much product, allowing it to last longer without drying out. Points on that. The very spidery spoolie is reminiscent of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (my personal fave), with the bristles just a little shorter. Otherwise, it’s a straightforward mascara – not much to it.

It retails for $8.49, average for drugstore mascara but a steal if you’re used to buying higher end products. This product is not cruelty free.

Liner – I’m so picky with my liquid liners, though I do prefer liquid to gel or pencil. I hate liners that come in a pen, since you cannot predetermine how much product will come out and the tips tend to dry out quickly. I also worry that it is not advertised as being matte black and I detest a shiny eyeliner. But – let’s see where this is going.

The packaging is weird. It looks like a smaller tube of mascara, curved and flat. It doesn’t impress me, but also doesn’t turn me away – it’s a simple black casing for a simple black product. The head of the brush is a little strange – it is indeed curvy. I’m not sure how application will go with such a strange shape, especially when I’ll be holding this flat tube rather than my typical straightforward pencil. It’s a little clunky in my hand.

It retails for $7.99, normal for drugstore liquid liner. This product is not cruelty free.


Mascara – I am very impressed with the hold of this mascara. It layers extremely well without getting too tough, heavy, or clumpy. It holds a curl very well and separates the lashes nicely. It definitely outperforms a few high end mascaras I’ve tried, though it still doesn’t quite outdo my tried and true fave it could be considered a drugstore dupe for it. The wand performs very similarly. I’ve already recommended this mascara to a friend of mine who was looking for a new drugstore mascara – it definitely outperforms most drugstore mascaras I have tried. While I won’t personally be repurchasing this product (as it is not cruelty free), I recommend it to anyone who is comfortable buying from a brand that does animal testing.

Liner – Okay, whoa. I honestly thought I was going to hate this product. I thought it was going to be too clunky to really control. Boy, was I wrong. I’ve never done my eyeliner so quickly. The tip of the pen is very flexible and user friendly, and it allowed me to make a
cute little cat eye in a matter of seconds. It was easy to get between my eyelashes to tightline. It goes on as smooth as a Crayola marker (not a Rose Art, as some eyeliner pens do), with a nice matte black finish. I’ve always believed that eyeliner is one of those places you can skimp on makeup – as long as it stays (and with a primer it should), doesn’t run, and is the correct color, nobody is going to notice the difference between a $8 eyeliner and a $40 eyeliner. It’s black. They all kind of run, you always have to be aware of smudging it. None of them are perfect, and this will give you what you need for a low price. I’m not sure how long it will be before the tip dries out (my personal vendetta against eyeliner pens), but with a low price like this it isn’t too damaging to your bank account to repurchase.

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