Since last time I updated…

I’ve been busy. I’ve also been dealing with some financially tight times, so my priorities had not been on blogging. Being hit with hospital bills all at once (including a $1185 ambulance bill – for a 2 mile ride), my dog’s spaying vet bills (about $800), and the expenses of living in the city and trying to live life to the fullest, it has been tough. But I am making it with a bit of money still in savings, and I’m still bobbing on top of the water even if my toes aren’t yet touching the bottom.

But I have done a lot of things that have made me happy since I’ve last updated my blog.

12654338_10153389228883441_757904783237633487_nI found out glow yoga was a thing. We put on body paint and did yoga and dance aerobics to Gagnum Style and other similarly fun songs.

12717939_10208402329434355_7591163290284763672_nI turned 23! I celebrated with 2 pinatas (filled with candy, plastic nips, and a few of my favorite trinkets), lots of friends, and this here nacho birthday cake.


I made (and destroyed) an arch made of Diet Coke cans and duct tape. It stood in my living room for a few weeks. It was my first eccentric art project.


My friends and I bought onesies, ate lots of pizza/nachos/candy, and binge watched Kimmy Schmidt the night season 2 was released.

13096116_10153580442058441_4395612634308776367_n (2)

Mom and I went to Disney World, and we got stuck on Space Mountain! I have many a story from the trip, and it was a wonderful time, just her and I.


I’ve started spending some of my spare time with this dude. He seems okay.

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