After 10 solid days of my yoga challenge (and man bun and nasal strips), things were offset a bit.

By a hospitalization.


Can I pull off a nebulizer? Anyway – I’m okay. I had a pretty severe asthma attack, my first since I was maybe 11 years old. It came out of nowhere. Just about an hour after I took the above man bun/nasal strip picture, I was taken in an ambulance to MGH, where I had a 1 day hospital stay.

Luckily, I have the best job ever. They were very understanding when I was on bedrest. Luckily I had a little friend to make sure I didn’t get too lonely.


So. Most of January has been spent relaxing and working on breath support. I’m dealing with some winter blues – probably from being cooped up inside, having trouble breathing, and having less interaction with human beings.

But what better way to beat the blues, than to bathe in them?


(Yes, I need to clean my bathtub. I’ve been sick, gimme a break.)

I’m hoping to get back into yoga starting next week, and move forward from there. Onwards and upwards, always.

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