BIG NEWS: Enter, Smiley Face!

12241648_10153241001623441_6129349076519071462_nMeet Smiley Face! She’s a 9 week old, half-Pomeranian, half Chihuahua/Terrier.

12246667_10153240965133441_8921512893504691405_nSmiley is going to be training to be my service dog! She is in perfect health according to her vet, and I got her first round of vaccinations. She only weighs 2.9 pounds right now!





12234942_916621971763665_6221542602763330402_nSmiley is already the light in my life. She loves kisses, and our bond is already growing. She makes my heart feel so whole. She loves to play with her giant rope toy, never barks, and makes friends with everyone she meets! While I work,  she just curls up in my lap for snuggles.



Oh, and the best part – I already work in a dog friendly office! She did an awesome job meeting her coworker, Martin the Pug.


I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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