Fresh Samples Review!

A few weeks ago, I worked an event at Fresh on Newbury, where I met the founder and received a gift bag of deluxe samples of their products.


I gave myself a bit of time to test out each sample – and even with frequent use since I received them almost a month ago there is still plenty of product left! That certainly makes me happy



Retail Price: $26.00

This product was underwhelming. I’ve used lots of DIY makeup removers that are just as moisturizing and significantly less expensive – namely straight olive oil or coconut oil. I’ll personally stick to the natural oils and makeup wipes for lazy days, and keep this product for the next time I travel and need something for on-the-go.

Overall: Decent product, but replaceable.


Retail Price: $35.00

I adore this product. It’s a thick lip cream and it feels extremely luxurious. It’s especially nice after a lip scrub on a spa day. This serum could heal a pair of chapped lips overnight. If you’ve got the budget and are looking for a lip treatment for a special day, I would totally recommend this. But with coconut oil, vaseline, DIY lip scrubs, and regular lip balms – I don’t think I’ll need to go out and purchase a full size for myself.

Overall: Great product, not an everyday need. Get it to treat yo self.


Retail Price: $22.50

I’ve sampled this product before, as it came in the 2012 Sephora Birthday Gift reward. I actually lost that sample at some point while I carried it in my purse over the year, so I’m happy the universe found a way to bring it back to me! This is a great lip balm – no drying after-effects, creamy texture, and a nice rose tint to add a bit of healthy glow to your pout. I’m not sure I would personally dish out $22.50 for a casual lip balm, but I would definitely chose this sample over others if I happen to see it again. A little goes a long way with this product, but I’m still reaching for my Stella Rosa Black Lip Balm, retailing around $5.00.

Overall: Nice product and a decent price for what it is. Lip balm isn’t where I like to splurge, but if this is gong to be your everyday lip – go for it!


Retail Price: $40.00

This toner is completely replaceable. Toner, after all, is essentially a cleansing water. It doesn’t need to be anything too special, it just needs to wipe off dirt after a cleanser and before your moisturizer. I’m currently using the L’oreal Hydra Fresh Toner, retailing around $6.99. The best toner I’ve ever used, for my dry skin, was probably the Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, which still retails at a lower price – around $30.00.

Overall: I prefer other cheaper toners, but I wouldn’t knock this one. It’s a normal price for a luxury product.


Retail Price: $280.00

Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, there is no reason for this product to cost so much. This would pay all of my utilities bills, and my monthly car payment. This product costs more than my monthly student loan payment. Is this putting it in perspective at all? It’s a pretty typical face cream, no particularly noticeable results from regular use. I would buy any other moisturizer in replacement of this – I simply don’t have the budget for a product like this.

Overall: Why would you pay almost $300 for a face cream when you have rent to pay?


Retail Price: $85.00

I had NO idea this product cost so much until I looked it up. What?! Why?! No, there’s no reason to use an eye cream this expensive. There is very little product, and there is no real benefit to using a product this expensive. I am perfectly happy with my Olay Age Defy Eye Cream, usually available around $10.00 on Amazon or any local drugstore. I do really love using this product, and it’s a perfectly good eye cream, but it is NOT worth the cost.

Overall: Don’t waste your money when you can get a comparable product for 1/8 the price.

I am incredibly thankful for the samples of all of these products, and I enjoyed all of them – but unfortunately I can’t justify the price of any of these for my regular routine. Maybe, someday – Fresh! For now, I’ll admire from afar.

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