I’m moving. Here’s a quick look into the mess that is my mind…

I love organization and planning. That is no lie. So, for the past few months, I’ve been meticulously keeping track of everything I own and where it will go in my new place in one of my “lists”.

Without further ado, here it is below.


Shared Calendar above sink
Dish drying towel above sink

On table: Lazy Susan (w/ Salt & Pepper shakers, napkin holder, horseshoe vase)
White chest as bench, with paper towels inside

Between windows: Dumpster Shelf (w/ Pantry stuff)
Far wall: Friends Vintage poster
Tan Rug

On Counter next to Stove:
Spice Rack
Knife set
Glass cutting board
Hidden behind fridge: Mop, Broom, Table chargers

Cabinet over fridge: Seldom Used Appliances (i.e. Grill, Pitcher)
Cabinet next to stove bottom: Pots & Pans OR mixing bowls
Drawer next to stove: Cooking utensils
Drawer next to fridge: Baking utensils
Cabinet above stove: More frequently used appliances (i.e. Popcorn machine)
Cabinet next to stove top: Ingredients, oils, pantry
Cabinets to sink left: Plates & bowls
Cabinets to sink right: Glasses etc.
Drawer next to sink: Utensils
Cabinet under sink: Cleaning stuff
Next to sink:
Paper towel holder
Dish soap & sponges
Under sink:
Cleaning supplies
Laundry Hamper (if it fits – ha)
Wicker Basket w/ Lara Celia Soaps
Face Wash
Medicine Cabinet:
First Aid
Will’s razors
Corinne’s bleach
Under Sink:
Cleaning Supplies
Extra Products
Feminine Products
Corinne Bedroom
Gone with the Wind
El Jaleo
Jukebox Poster
Violin frame
Black Hanging Mirror on door
Egg Rug
White Curtains
Vanity by window

Pottery Barn comforter

Dresser by door
On Dresser:
Drawer 1- Bras & Underwear
Drawer 2- Tanks & Camis
Drawer 3- Skirts & Leggings
Drawer 4- Jeans

Blue & tan boxes:
Box 1- Sunglasses, daily travel stuff
Box 2- Travel bags & supplies
Box 3- Out of season decor
Box 4- Out of season candles
Bedside Table:
Alarm Clock
Catch-All Bowl
White Lamp

Under bed:
Lesser-used Shoes

Out-of-season clothing/accessories

Closet 1:
Boxes overhead (w/ out of season stuff)
3 Drawer Cart
Sterlite (Sweatshirts, Workout wear, PJs)
Closet 2:
Bags overhead
White Heirloom End Table w/ Record Player

10 Drawer Cart:
1 – Finished work
2- Canvas Paper
3 – Sketchbook
4 – Office supplies
5 – Pencils/Charcoals
6 – Watercolors
7 – Acrylics
8 – Paint brushes
9 – Extension cords etc.
10 – Paper plates etc.

Left Drawer: Nail stuff
Left Bottom Drawer: Nail Polishes
Center Drawer: Laptop/iPad stuff, daily meds
Right Drawer: Q tips/Cotton pads, Makeup removing wipes
Right Bottom Drawer: Meds

Top: Makeup brushes & hair styling storage

Hair styling storage: 
Left: Lotion, Deodorant
Right: Oil, Toner
Drawer: Hair clippies and bobby pins

Alex Drawers:
Top: Pat, Hair elastics
1 – Hairbrushes
2 – Hair (wet)
3 – Hair (dry)
4- Skincare
5 – Face
6 – Eyes
7 – Lips
8 – Extras
9 – Costume stuff

Living Room
Persian rug
Big coffee table
TV Wall:
Blue table TV stand

Wall across from door:
Tall Bookshelf

Wall closest to door:
Entertainment bookshelf
Top: Printer

End Table
Mini Fridge (w/ wine rack on top)
Liquor cabinet

Down Hallway: It’s a Wonderful Life, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Stand By Me, King Kong
By my room/Kitchen: Mirror

Coin Jar

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