Tonight’s Sweet Tooth Dinner

 Toasted PB&J with whipped cream, frozen berries, and wine…from a straw.
Watching cartoons…specifically, Bojack Horseman.

This is the kind of adult I’ve always wanted to be. On a budget – calorie and budget wise!

Calories. (Estimated, as I did not measure my servings and was a little heavy handed. In other words, you can absolutely do it with less calories than the one I just made.)

  • 200 calories. = 2 slices whole wheat bread.
  • 190 calories. = 2 tablespoons peanut butter.
  • 90 calories. = 2 tablespoons jelly.
  • 15 calories. = 1 serving whipped cream.
  • 100 calories. = 1 cup frozen fruit.
  • 135 calories. = 1 glass of wine.

= 730 calories, for a meal that makes you feel like an absolute fancy goddess with little to no effort. And any piece can easily be taken out of substituted.

Easy substitutes?

Whipped cream for powdered sugar and cinnamon. Jelly for bananas. Jelly for strawberries. Peanut butter for Nutella. Frozen fruit for your favorite fresh fruit or other favorite side. Wine for milk or juice or water. All in the same calorie range.

With the exception of the whipped cream, I should mention this meal is entirely VEGAN. With the whipped cream, it is still VEGETARIAN.


  • $11 – Wine, from my wine club.
  • $2.99 – Eco-friendly paper straws, from grocery store sale.
  • Under $10 – frozen fruit bags, peanut butter, whole wheat bread.
  • Gift – Jelly, homemade from the grounds of the Longfellow House in Cambridge.

Total (with tons of every single ingredient left): $23.00. I could maybe make 10 – 15 meals from these ingredients with none of them going bad or expiring. The wine may only last 4 meals. Or 2…or 1…depending.

Happy indulging, everybody!

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