20 Facts About Me.

This is the girl who runs this blog!1. I was born on March 1, 1993.
2. I have been in over 40 theatrical productions since the age of 9. My favorite roles include Luisa in Fantasticks, the Mina Harker role in Dracula, and Roxie in Chicago.
3. I was a competition dancer from ages 6-17. I only quit because I was also juggling theatre and 2 jobs to save for college.
4. I graduated cum laude with a BA in Public Relations and a double minor in English Literature and Theatre.
5.  I chose to go to a private university because the Honors Program and other scholarships paid more than half of my tuition. I worked to graduate a semester early to save even more on tuition.
6. Myers Briggs says I am an INFJ.
7. I have 6 scars. One on my forehead I’ve had since I was 2, one on my knee I’ve had since I was 12, and 4 more I’ve gotten in the past 6 months.
8. I don’t own sweatpants. Because if I owned them, I would wear them.
9. The first time I dyed my hair blonde was to play Sharpay in High School Musical when I was 15. It has not been my natural color since that day.
10. I refuse to use any pens but Pilot G2.
11. I have one tattoo, of a crane. The bird, not the construction equipment.
12. I collect old movie posters.
13. I make art in my spare time, when I actually get some. It’s not very good (I only started in October 2014), but I enjoy it. So who cares?
14. Petit Verdot is my wine of choice.
15. I own a copy of Richard Simmons Disco Sweat on DVD.
16. When I go out with friends, my drink of choice is almost always a Jack & Diet or my “Cherry Vanilla Coke” – diet coke, vanilla vodka, and grenadine with a cherry on top.
17. Netflix is my bae, my spirit animal, my everything.
18. I don’t like being onstage anymore.
19. I am diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.
20. #19 does not define me.

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